The company, Music for Everyone – M4E, was incorporated as a CIC, not for profit, social enterprise company in August 2014

M4E provides a variety of musical experiences for everyone, regardless of age, ability, disability and status. Importantly and high up in our objectives is to make access to music inclusive, meaning that people with disability and learning issues can enjoy making music on the same level as able bodied people.

The business is run by a team of people with a wide range and wealth of experience both in business and music. M4E operates out of our music complex China Street Music Studio.

The project is run by a team of dedicated and passionate people, passionate about music and passionate about helping people to achieve goals that perhaps they thought they could not.

The studio is wheelchair friendly and has the necessary facilities and is manned by trained and DBS checked staff.

Making music is FUN.
Making music is inspirational and creative.


We offer a range of musical workshops for all ages and abilites including live performance, drum and guitar workshops, song wriritng, vocal coaching, 'stars in their eyes' to name but a few.

If you have something specific that you would like us to develop please do not hesitiate to contact us.


Our ‘Make and Play’ workshops involve assembling an easy to play three stringed instrument called a StrummA.

You Can't Play Wrong Notes!

The session lasts approximatley 2 hours. In the first hour the instrument is assembled under guidance from M4E.The option is to use our graphics to decorate your StrummA or decorate it after the workshop to your own design.

In the second hour you learn how to play the StrummA using an accompanying book that we have written.

At the end of the session you take your instrument, instruction book and plectrum home with you.


We are experienced musicians and performers and offer an entertaining professional service for your events and functions, from a duo to our full blown events band.

There is also the option for audience participation.

 We are part of The Safer Places scheme.

Shops, businesses and organisations who join the scheme can provide a safe temporary place to go if a person with a learning disability feels distressed, vulnerable or scared whilst out in the community.

Places which have joined the scheme can be identified by a Safer Places Sticker at the entrance.
People who join the scheme will have a Keep Safe card, which will include the names and contact numbers of two relatives or friends who be called on for help. They will need to show this card to obtain help in the establishments who have signed up to the scheme.


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